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Combat Urinary Incontinence

– Bladder Control Formula


Award Winning Formula

Combat Urinary Incontinence

– Bladder Control Formula


Confitrol24® is a clinically-proven formula that helps women reduce the symptoms of occasional incontinence, starting in as little as two weeks. This breakthrough formula won multiple prestigious awards for its effectiveness and speed of results.

Key Facts
  • Stay dry longer and significantly reducing pad usage.
  • Strengthen bladder walls, and pelvic floor and sphincter muscles.
  • Diminish humiliating accidents and uncomfortable leaks.
Helps With
  • Reducing sleep-depriving bathroom sprints by half or more.
  • Dramatically decreasing those inconvenient urges to “go.”
  • Naturally alleviating symptoms of occasional urges and stress




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Drastically Reduce Occasional Incontinence Issues Naturally, No Matter Your Age

If you’re sick and tired of:
  • Frantically sprinting to the bathroom… just to let out a few irritating drops
  • Constantly waking up to “go” in the middle of the night
  • Frequently feeling those annoying “urges to go”
  • Experiencing embarrassing leaks at the worst possible moments

Then it’s time to take control of your bladder. Thanks to this doctor-formulated Urox proprietary blend in Confitrol24 it’s now possible.

And thanks to this doctor-formulated Urox proprietary blend in Confitrol24 it’s now possible!

So what makes Urox so special and how does it help you take control of your bladder?

Here’s the answer: Urox combines three natural ingredients that are clinically proven to tackle the root cause of bladder issues on a cellular level.

Each ingredient performs a specific task for strengthening your bladder so you can have peace of mind throughout your day without worrying about those embarrassing leaks, annoying urges to go and frustrating trips to the bathroom at night.


Rejuvenate Your Bladder Naturally with Urox®

Urox is the doctor-developed, clinically-proven formula in Confitrol24® that could help you take control of your bladder. Each ingredient in the Urox blend benefits the bladder in its own distinct way.

But many studies have shown when these ingredients are combined, they work synergistically together for even greater bladder control. That’s why this formula is so effective.

The three ingredients in Confitrol’s Urox blend include:

Raw Horsetail

Say goodbye to embarrassing leaks with Raw Horsetail. Raw Horsetail is a rare plant named for its resemblance to a horse’s tail. But medical research discovered it’s packed with amazing benefits for your bladder.

Horsetail is loaded with high concentrations of silica, a mineral that promotes firmness, strength and connectivity in body tissue. It also helps strengthen the bladder muscle tone, making them much stronger.

And a stronger bladder means fewer leaks.


Cratevox® helps restore your bladder back to the elasticity it had during your younger days. This “bladder restoring miracle” also helps your bladder expand and contract better. And that is extremely important if you want to get rid of those nagging urges to run to the bathroom every couple of hours.

Lindera Aggregata

Lindera Aggregata is a powerful antioxidant that can prevent oxidative damage to your urinary tract. This unique nutrient also has an anti-aging effect on the bladder that could help rejuvenate your liver to give you the control you once had when you were younger.

Clinical Studies

Each Nutrient is Clinically Proven to Benefit the Bladder to Give You More Control

Urox® Clinical Trial Stuns Researchers at Queensland University

In 2013 the School of Medicine University of Queensland discovered something amazing for anyone suffering from bladder issues. They wanted to find out if Urox® could help those who felt the “urgency to go” on a daily basis, experienced accidental leaks regularly, and had trouble sleeping through the night because they had to wake up to run to the toilet.

They split the participants into two groups. One received Urox® and the other received a placebo. At the end of the eight weeks, the researchers received the results and their jaws almost hit the floor.

Each participant had to keep a daily journal. They logged their daily trips to the bathroom and reported their accidents, rating their urgency levels. Also, they documented each time they were woken up at night to use the toilet.

The researchers entered these results into a database and then performed a complicated statistical analysis.

Here’s what the researchers discovered:

The participants who received a placebo saw no significant improvement, which they expected. But, those who were given Urox for eight weeks experience

  • Fewer bathroom visits during the day.
  • Feeling a lot less urgency throughout the day.
  • More peaceful sleep with fewer disturbances to go to the bathroom.
  • Less embarrassing accidents.

Ex Vivo Study Horsetail Demonstrates Antioxidant and Scavenging Activities

Horsetail is a plant that could help eliminate the free radicals that can damage your bladder. Horsetail, in the genus Equisetum, is also called “Scouring Rush.”

Back in 2008, a study was performed analyzing the properties and effects of horsetail. The researchers discovered horsetail demonstrated antioxidant and scavenging activities that could help protect and strengthen your liver.

These three elements in Urox, which are the active ingredients in Confitrol24® are proven to help you gain more control over your bladder. Why wait? Order some today.


Confitrol24 is backed up with amazing clinical trial results
and even more amazing testimonials!

  • “I saw improvement within a week” By Yvonne C. Allen on November 27, 2019

  • “After 10 days I stopped wearing the pad.” Mother 52 years

  • “After 2 weeks I already noticed some changes” By Betty J. Lincoln on April 14, 2019

  • “Have tried a few other brands but [this formula] is by far the best!” By Betty J. Lincoln on April 14, 2019

  • “I can go to the bathroom without leakage now.” By Nina on April 21, 2019

  • “My bladder frequency has improved.” Mother, 52 years

  • “No more going from sitting to standing and leaking.” By Nemo March 24, 2019

  • “Gave my sanity back! I no longer feel like a 90-year old woman.” By Ash November 2, 2019

*Testimonials are from users of the patented formula found in Confitrol24